Mama Monday- "Mom Reviews"

See what these new mamas had to say about FIT4MOM Piedmont!

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New Mama Monday, May 17th 2021

Laurin Allred

We're starting this week off...


New Mama Monday- April 26th, 2021

Lani Greene

We'd like to introduce you to this sweet mama and her precious girls! We Lani Greene to pieces and her story is amazing. Read what she has to say about her time with FIT4MOM Piedmont!

"I am a wife and mother of two amazing girls: Lillie (4) and Rosie (2). The beginning of 2020 was a very scary time. I had started a new job in March, just as the pandemic was gaining strength in the US. Even though I wanted to be excited about my new...


New Mama Monday- April 19th, 2021

Kelsey Kelley

Happy Monday! We want you introduce you to Our Village Member, Kelsey Kelley and her sweet mini, Audrey!

Here's what she has to say about her time with FIT4MOM Piedmont:

"As a new Mama to our sweet girl, Audrey, I was desperate to find somewhere I could workout. I had never really been a fan of the gym and loved doing outdoor workouts, which can definitely be challenging with a busy toddler. Luckily, I stumbled upon an article in...


New Mama Monday- April 12th, 2021

Lauren Scott

It's New Mama Monday!! We'd like to introduce to you this lovely lady and her sweetie, Sutton!

Keep reading to see what @laurenw1990 has to say about her time with FIT4MOM Piedmont.

"My experience with FIT4MOM has been very rewarding. It was hard to find the time and motivation to work out after becoming a mom. However, FIT4MOM has provided the perfect environment to exercise while entertaining my child. The classes have added...


New Mama Monday- March 29th, 2021

Lauren Reinking

It Mama Monday and we'd like to introduce you to Lauren! She's had quite the journey with FIT4MOM over the last 6 years. Read her story here!

"I joined FIT4MOM in Chicago in November 2015 after my cousin in Texas recommended it to me! My first class was Stroller Barre with my 2 month old daughter, Caroline. I rotated between Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides in Chicago and met some of my BEST mom friends there. Caroline made her first...


New Mama Monday- March 23rd, 2021

Lindsey Wolansky

It’s #transformationtueaday and and we have another...

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New Mama Monday- November 2, 2020

Lindsay Hudson

This week, meet Lindsay! Here’s what she has to say about her experience with @fit4mom_piedmont :

“I went to my first class after I got a card about Fit4mom at my daughter’s preschool. I am so glad I went to the class, because I have met all these wonderful women. Also, I love the fact that I can bring my kids in the stroller, so I never have to find a...

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New Mama Monday- October 19th, 2020

Alice Bullen

🌟 Our New Mama Monday introduction is EXTRA sweet this week! Meet Alice 👋 she’s our favorite TWIN mom in Our Village. Here’s what she has to say about joining @fit4mom_piedmont ::

“I found out about Fit4Mom through a coworker who invited me while I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I was on bedrest and couldn't participate YET. I loved the idea of working out and...

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New Mama Monday- October 5th, 2020

Trish Miller

🌟 Happy New Mama Monday! One of the best things about Our Village of mamas, is that it’s made up of moms from all over who have found themselves in the Piedmont Triad. 🌟⁣⁣


The week, meet Trish! 🌟 She’s a west coast-turned east coast mama 🌊. We’re so happy she and Bodhi are here in NC with us!⁣⁣


“We moved from the PNW at the beginning of the year and didn't have friends or family here. We met a few people but...


New Mama Monday- September 21st, 2020

Kayla Dykes

Happy New Mama Monday! This week, meet one of our teacher-mamas, Kayla and her adorable girl Sofia .⁣ Here’s what Kayla has to say about her experience with @fit4mom_piedmont::⁣


“I was invited by one of my friends to Fit4Mom at the beginning of this summer for a New Mama Monday. I’ve always wanted to join some sort of group being pretty new to the area but never got up the nerve to do it on my own. I was a little self conscious...


New Mama Monday- September 7th, 2020

Abigail Melms

Happy New Mama Monday! This week, meet Abby and her adorable son Finnegan .⁣

“In June, I was feeling very alone and joined an app to help moms find other moms for playdates, one of the moms saw on my profile that I was getting back into walking and trying to be more active so they messaged me and asked if I wanted to try a class with them. I had seen similar classes on TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and thought they were only...

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New Mama Monday- August 24th, 2020

Hannah Wansley

🧡 We love a good New Mama Monday introduction! Meet Hannah 👋⁣

“I discovered Fit4mom through a Facebook search for mom groups in the Triad. We just moved from Greenville NC a few months ago and I wanted to meet others in the High Point/Greensboro area. When I found Fit4mom I thought it would definitely be something worth trying.⁣

I was 10 months PP struggling to find the time and energy for exercise in the midst...

Alexis T.jpg

New Mama Monday- August 10th, 2020

Alexis Tilley

It’s been A MINUTE since we highlighted a mama for #newmamamonday ⭐️ Meet Alexis 👋 ⁣

“I first learned about Fit4mom from a couple of my new mom friends who invited me join them for a New Mama Monday event. I was 6 months PP, feeling sluggish and stalled with my weight loss journey. After my first class, I immediately called my husband...

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New Mama Monday- February 24th, 2020

Melissa Knuff

This New Mama Monday tried something NEW for herself for 2020! Meet Melissa 👋. She’s currently knee-deep in our Body Back Transformation session... 💪🏻.⁣

Why did you first join Fit4Mom: My husband had actually heard of it Fit4mom first and told me about it. I joined initially to improve my health and work in my PP body. I was super excited to be able to work out with my baby in toe.⁣

I love several things about...


New Mama Monday- January 27th, 2020

Taylor Caslin

Happy New Mama Monday! We are thrilled to have Taylor and Brody in class each week! Here’s what Taylor has to share about her experience with Fit4mom:⁣

“I learned about FIT4MOM when the instructors did an information session at my Mommy and Me class. As a lifelong gym member pre-baby, it was very appealing to have the opportunity to exercise outside of my house, without having to leave my baby. I came to my first class when my...


New Mama Monday- December 30th, 2019

Allie Shumate

Meet Allie and her beautiful daughter Harper 👋! Here’s what Allie has to say about her journey with @fit4mom_piedmont :⁣

“When I decided to try out Fit4mom, I was a brand new mama, freshly single, and dying to start exercising again. After the first class, I was hooked because it got me out of the house, and knew it was something to keep me...

Melissa Rucki.jpg

New Mama Monday- October 27th, 2019

Melissa Rucki

Meet Melissa 👋. She recently joined @fit4mom_piedmont and we’ve loved getting to know her and her sweet Annabelle. 💗 Here’s what Melissa has to say about why she joined #ourvillage and what #fit4mom has been like for her so...