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New Mama Monday- October 19th, 2020

🌟 Our New Mama Monday introduction is EXTRA sweet this week! Meet Alice 👋 she’s our favorite TWIN mom in Our Village. Here’s what she has to say about joining @fit4mom_piedmont ::

“I found out about Fit4Mom through a coworker who invited me while I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I was on bedrest and couldn't participate YET. I loved the idea of working out and finding my new village since I wouldn't be teaching in the fall. Being a new mom of twins was/is very overwhelming at times. So the thought of going to a new place, meeting new moms was intimidating to stay the least. Especially since I had been suffering from postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression but I knew this was a step I needed to take not only for myself but for my boys.

My first class was on a New Mom Monday with another new mom friend. It started off rough when I showed up at the basketball court instead of the baseball parking lot. I thought then, "Nope, it's not meant to be, I'm heading home." Thankfully my wing mom, Catherine, was in the right location and encouraged me to still come. So I walked over to the correct location. My heart dropped again. I was 1-late 2-anxiety ridden already 3-nervous beyond belief. Then, I saw Kelsey's smiling face with her table all set up with the equipment needed and sanitizing everything we were going to use. My heart started to slow down and I knew I could calm down a little knowing that I was welcomed and I felt covid safe with my preemie twins in tow. We did our stretches and went around introducing ourselves and our babies. Several moms approached me and said how brave and amazing I was to have brought not only 1 but 2 babies to class. I quickly made friends and now I go three days a week. I might be late some days, carry one while working out, or both needing to be out of the stroller early while I finish stretching BUT I'm there becoming stronger for them and me! As a new mom, becoming a Fit4Mom member had been the best thing for me emotionally, mentally, and physically. I encourage all moms to come try us out!”

We think so many moms can relate! We love having you 3️⃣ in #ourvillage . Swipe ➡️ for cuteness 💙💙