New Mama Monday- March 23rd, 2021

It’s #transformationtueaday and and we have another #hotmom to feature today!!

Here’s what @lindseywolansky had to say about her experience in our 8 week BodyWell Program!

“Last summer was the first time in foreverrrrr that I bought and wore a pair of shorts. Fit4mom gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge and put a pair on. I mean, we live in NC where it’s 100 degrees in the Summer so I shouldn’t feel self conscious about showing my legs....but I was. This past week I went shopping for my boys for warm weather clothes and I decided to try some clothes on myself. I finally got up the confidence to try on shorts, buy them, and actually wear them out in public. I wouldn’t have had that confidence if it wasn’t for Bodywell. So this is a picture of my first time out in public in a pair of shorts in probably over a decade. My before and after pictures weren’t indicative of my progress. But my confidence is a tell tale sign. I shaved 4 minutes off my mile (I couldn’t run at all in the beginning). I doubled my squat jumps, doubled my push ups, and doubled my plank hold time from the initial assessment to the final assessment. I can’t wait for round 2 in April!”

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about BodyWell then let these results speak to you:

Mile: 16:45 —> 12:42 (went from walking the whole mile to jogging the whole mile)

Squat Jumps: 18 —> 39

Push ups: 14 —> 28

Plank Hold: 30 seconds —> 60 seconds

Chest: 34” —> 33”

Waist: 38” —> 35”

Hips: 42” —> 41.5”

Thighs: 25.5” —> 24”