New Mama Monday- September 21st, 2020

Happy New Mama Monday! This week, meet one of our teacher-mamas, Kayla and her adorable girl Sofia .⁣ Here’s what Kayla has to say about her experience with @fit4mom_piedmont::⁣


“I was invited by one of my friends to Fit4Mom at the beginning of this summer for a New Mama Monday. I’ve always wanted to join some sort of group being pretty new to the area but never got up the nerve to do it on my own. I was a little self conscious because she was already 1 and I felt like I should have joined something sooner. I also thought Sofia wouldn’t want to sit in her stroller. ⁣

Everyone in my first class was so genuinely nice and open. They were also super respectful of everyone’s space incase it was the first time people had been around other people since quarantine. I instantly felt better being there seeing the variety of different aged kids and appreciated how the instructors gave different levels of modifications for the exercises. ⁣

It all felt doable at where I was on my fitness journey and looking around everyone was at different places of their journey too. Sofia was so entertained by seeing new people, hearing the songs, and traveling to different parts of the park that she had no idea an hour had gone by. That night I signed up for a full membership, I wanted to do this all the time. ⁣

I’d say to a new mama that even if you don’t have a friend to come with to your first class, you’ll have one by the end. You’d be surprised by what you and your child can do. I can’t always run or hop, Sofia isn’t always happy, and sometimes I feel blah, but no matter what I always feel better for coming and being around my village.”⁣


@kayla_dykes_ We love having you as a part of Our Village!