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New Mama Monday, May 17th 2021

We're starting this week off #strong with a Mama Monday that gives owner, @kelsey_barry #allthefeels! @lndaniels is one of our Founding Members in High Point when we opened that location in 2018. We literally cannot imagine our village with out her!

What Laurin has to say about her time with FIT4MOM:

"I am mama to two boys: Daniel (3 months) and Jonah (3 years). I joined Fit4Mom in the spring of 2018 when Jonah was two months old after a lady at my church told me about “this thing she heard about”. I was so nervous to attend my first class— with my new baby and new body and all the new feelings, but I immediately felt right at home.

What I love: how much FUN I have and how everyone is so supportive. It really feels like a village or extended family. The workouts are challenging but fly by. My favorites are strides 360 and barre.

If you’re on the fence: just jump in! Even if you forget everything (always me) someone will have what you need. Especially if that something is an extra snack . And embrace the silly. Dance parties, tickle toes, and really bad singing make the class fabulous."

We love you, Laurin!!!