New Mama Monday- April 12th, 2021

It's New Mama Monday!! We'd like to introduce to you this lovely lady and her sweetie, Sutton!

Keep reading to see what @laurenw1990 has to say about her time with FIT4MOM Piedmont.

"My experience with FIT4MOM has been very rewarding. It was hard to find the time and motivation to work out after becoming a mom. However, FIT4MOM has provided the perfect environment to exercise while entertaining my child. The classes have added purpose to the long days of motherhood.

To the mom on the fence about joining: I wish I had signed up sooner! Even on the mornings that I’m struggling to get my toddler out the door, I leave feeling better both physically and mentally.

I love that FIT4MOM has enriched our lives with physical activity, outdoor time, and an amazing community of friends."

We you guys so much! Thanks for being apart of Village, mama!