New Mama Monday- March 29th, 2021

It Mama Monday and we'd like to introduce you to Lauren! She's had quite the journey with FIT4MOM over the last 6 years. Read her story here!

"I joined FIT4MOM in Chicago in November 2015 after my cousin in Texas recommended it to me! My first class was Stroller Barre with my 2 month old daughter, Caroline. I rotated between Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides in Chicago and met some of my BEST mom friends there. Caroline made her first friends there too! Hudson was born in 2018 and I was a little sporadic with attendance while I navigated life with 2 kiddos. I said goodbye to my Chicago Village and we moved to Cary, NC in July 2019 and I joined FIT4MOM Western Wake County. After a year in Cary my husband received a job offer in Greensboro which is how I ended up in my third franchise - FIT4MOM Piedmont!

My advice to a new mom debating trying a class or not is to just TRY IT! Everyone at the class had to do the same thing. We've all been the new mom attending her first class. Yes it may take you forever to get out of the house and you may show up flustered and nervous but we've all been there. We get it!

What I love about FIT4MOM:

Where do I begin? I love so many things about FIT4MOM. I love that I can exercise on a regular basis and not have to figure out child care. I love that I have made life long friends and so have my children. I love that when I moved to new places I looked up FIT4MOM and it was the best way to meet people and learn about the area. I love that it's a group of moms so you can ask each other for advice on best preschools or can commiserate over the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. It's the Village I never knew I needed before having children and I'm so incredibly grateful for all that it has given me."

We are so lucky to have you, Lauren! xoxo