New Mama Monday- April 26th, 2021

We'd like to introduce you to this sweet mama and her precious girls! We Lani Greene to pieces and her story is amazing. Read what she has to say about her time with FIT4MOM Piedmont!

"I am a wife and mother of two amazing girls: Lillie (4) and Rosie (2). The beginning of 2020 was a very scary time. I had started a new job in March, just as the pandemic was gaining strength in the US. Even though I wanted to be excited about my new job, because I was finally able to work from home and spend more time with my girls, the world had shut down and we could not go anywhere. So, by the time the summer had ended, we were desperate for some different activities and I needed to lose the weight that I put on during lockdown. Then, I saw an ad for FIT4MOM. This was the answer to my prayers: a way for my kids and I to exercise and socialize! The women in this group are so welcoming and it’s easy to start up a conversation with anyone there. The exercise can be done at any level and, I promise, it is a judgment free zone! No one cares whether you walk or run or jump high or low; you just do whatever you can do and you will feel great just for getting out in the fresh air and moving around. And if you are worried about your kids sitting in the stroller through class, you will be surprised at how well the children acclimate to the routine of class. If any children are ever having a bad day, the instructors are there with music, bubbles and songs that are a great distraction. The children are always ready to play together at the end of class and it is so sweet to see the friendships that have developed amongst them. We even have fun as a group outside of class because several of the moms have organized trips for us to take together, like visiting an apple orchard in the fall or, recently, a trip to the Asheboro Zoo! I’m so grateful for my FIT4MOM community! I encourage any mom who is on the fence to come join us at New Mama Monday and give it a try for free."

We you Lani!! Thanks for being such an amazing part of Our Village!