New Mama Monday- September 7th, 2020

Abigail Melms

Happy New Mama Monday! This week, meet Abby and her adorable son Finnegan .⁣

“In June, I was feeling very alone and joined an app to help moms find other moms for playdates, one of the moms saw on my profile that I was getting back into walking and trying to be more active so they messaged me and asked if I wanted to try a class with them. I had seen similar classes on TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and thought they were only in big cites, so hearing we had one local, I signed up right away!⁣

Finn was 16 months and hadn’t been with other people in months, plus meeting new people myself, I was really anxious to try our first class! We were running late our first day and I was so upset to be late to our first class. We didnt feel awkward at all as we walked up and the trainer Morgan had us jump right in. As moms, everyone there totally understand how hard it can be to get out the door with a little one. We have gone to almost every class since!⁣

I can feel my strength and endurance has grown so much since we joined in June! Hearing that people can see a physical difference on me is so encouraging. My physical growth is a great part of Fit4Mom, but the best part is the community, every time we pull into the park, Finn yells “BABIES” and as soon as he is out of the car, runs to see his friends. I have made some great friends too, I love that this group of moms are so fun, accepting, and respectful to one another (so hard to find in some mom groups.) ⁣

If you are thinking of trying, know you can not find a more fun, caring village of moms! You will be amazed at the strength in yourself, and the joy you can have working out with other moms on the same path as you.”⁣

We love having you both in Our Village!!⁣