New Mama Monday- January 27th, 2020

Taylor Caslin

Happy New Mama Monday! We are thrilled to have Taylor and Brody in class each week! Here’s what Taylor has to share about her experience with Fit4mom:⁣

“I learned about FIT4MOM when the instructors did an information session at my Mommy and Me class. As a lifelong gym member pre-baby, it was very appealing to have the opportunity to exercise outside of my house, without having to leave my baby. I came to my first class when my son was 10 months old, and immediately felt welcomed and included. What I love most is feeling like I’m doing something for myself. As a new parent and a stay at home mom, I often feel buried under everyone else’s priorities and needs. It’s nice to have something to look forward to in the week that’s benefiting my physical and mental health - exercise, music, and conversation with other moms. And seeing my son clapping for me or dancing to the music makes me proud to be modeling self care to him.”⁣

And we’ll go ahead and add that her son has one of the best smiles around! 💙⁣


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