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New Mama Monday- February 24th, 2020

Melissa Knuff

This New Mama Monday tried something NEW for herself for 2020! Meet Melissa 👋. She’s currently knee-deep in our Body Back Transformation session... 💪🏻.⁣

Why did you first join Fit4Mom: My husband had actually heard of it Fit4mom first and told me about it. I joined initially to improve my health and work in my PP body. I was super excited to be able to work out with my baby in toe.⁣

I love several things about Fit4mom. Its’ so laid back, your kid can flip out and you don’t feel pressure or anxiety because you are surrounded by children. I love that each class is different, and they go by super fast! I love the MNO events that are planned as well giving us another opportunity to build a strong mother-village. I love the people! 😊 ⁣

Why you decided to try Body Back: I had wanted to try BB for a while. Finally 2020 is the year I set a goal find ME again, not like the me before children, but a new me, that resembles some parts of the old, Pre baby me. BB gave me personal time to work on my fitness goals, a community to support my eating and workout goals and the guidance to achieve finding the new fit, healthy, mentally balanced me! ⁣

I have learned in BB that I am mentally and physically stronger than I realized, or give my self credit for. I learned a little bit of meal planning makes a huge difference in what you are eating. I learned that no matter your age or the age of your children we all feel the same ups and downs of motherhood. I learned I need more me time-my kid and husband are still alive and well while I am focusing on me.⁣

Now, that’s one strong Mama! We’re proud of you, Melissa Knuff! 💓⁣



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