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New Mama Monday- August 24th, 2020

Hannah Wansley

🧡 We love a good New Mama Monday introduction! Meet Hannah 👋⁣

“I discovered Fit4mom through a Facebook search for mom groups in the Triad. We just moved from Greenville NC a few months ago and I wanted to meet others in the High Point/Greensboro area. When I found Fit4mom I thought it would definitely be something worth trying.⁣

I was 10 months PP struggling to find the time and energy for exercise in the midst of a move and figuring out how to best care for my baby. When I saw the New Mama Monday class advertised I decided to give it a try.⁣

I was a little nervous to attend because of the pandemic and was unsure if I would feel comfortable. The instructors wiped all the equipment down in front of me, we all were socially distant from one another and respectful of everyone’s comfort levels putting me at ease for the entire workout! It was so nice to be outside getting in-person instruction.⁣

I was so excited I was able to get a great workout in and entertain Oliver while meeting moms in the area. I mean it was a one stop shop!⁣

I went home feeling energized and just knew that the program would be a great fit for me. Now I am on a clear path to meet my weight loss and fitness goals. I find myself getting more excited when I see improvements in my pushups or planks than the number on the scale. The Fit4mom community is filled with a strong, positive group of women that are striving to be the best for themselves and their family. I would encourage any mom to give Fit4mom a try! You will be met with a smile, positive energy and genuine encouragement!”⁣