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New Mama Monday- August 10th, 2020

Alexis Tilley

It’s been A MINUTE since we highlighted a mama for #newmamamonday ⭐️ Meet Alexis 👋 ⁣

“I first learned about Fit4mom from a couple of my new mom friends who invited me join them for a New Mama Monday event. I was 6 months PP, feeling sluggish and stalled with my weight loss journey. After my first class, I immediately called my husband and said “That is the most fun I have had in a LONG time!”. Before Fit4mom, I was struggling to get my workout in everyday, and was bored with doing the same thing. I love that our Fit4mom workouts are new everyday and work muscles I never knew I had! There are many different types of classes depending on your goals, from strength training, speed/agility, distance running and more! Since joining Fit4mom, I’ve gotten stronger and shown myself that I CAN live a healthy life style and be a positive role model for my son. Being able to workout with him there, gives me the motivation to push harder so that I can be the best version of me! Plus being around other inspiring women who are walking through motherhood right beside me has been the best! Now I not only have weight loss goals, but also fitness goals! I can truly feel myself getting stronger each week. I love the community of mommas who are all motivated to be their best version of themselves for their families. I am so glad that I made the decision to invest in this community and in myself! If you are wondering if joining Fit4mom is for you, I would definitely check out a New Momma Monday class- you won’t regret it! The bonds and friendships made at F4M will definitely have you coming back for more!”⁣

We’ve so happy you and your little one are a part of Our Village @agregory_tilley