Stroller Safety and Class Rules

Stroller Policy

Children ages 5 and younger MUST stay buckled in the stroller during class. It is against my insurance policy to have children join moms for the workout during class time due to the liabilities. Children 5 and older may come to class with prior notice to the instructor and may walk with you in between stations, however they must sit AWAY from the bands. This means they can sit next to your stroller, on a bench, curb, or low wall as long as it is a safe distance from what we are doing. They may not join you for the exercise even if the bands are not being used. They may not run around during class.

Little ones that are fussy may be held in your arms during class, However we encourage you to keep them in the stroller or wear them in a carrier. We do our best to keep us moving and keep the children entertained during this one hour that you are giving yourself.

The resistance tubes we use are safe when used correctly, but can and occasionally have snapped during class due to wear and tear. We cannot have a child anywhere near them when they're in use. Our Instructors are trained to execute exercises safely so that if a band were to snap, it was snap away from the children. Please do not let your children play with or chew on the bands. Other than being dirty, they can also develop tiny tears in them, due to sharp baby teeth, which makes them more likely to break.

It is also very upsetting to the other children who are sitting in their stroller when they see children out during class. The last 10 minutes of each class is used for abs and stretching. At this time, when your instructor says so, you may let your children out of the stroller, if you wish, to sit with you on your mat and stretch with you.

To help us all remember to buckle the children, we will now be doing a "buckle check" at the beginning of each class.

Adhering to this policy will ensure that kids remain safe and happy and also allow mom to get a great workout! Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Class start time

We understand that you have a busy schedule. We are so thankful that you are devoting this one hour to yourself during your day. With that said, please make every effort to be to class and ready to start on time. We don't want to leave anyone behind and ESPECIALLY don't want you to miss the crucial warm-up at the beginning of class.

Classes start promptly at their start times. Please join the group when you are ready!